Privacy policy

The policy of Privacy and Cookie Policy

Internet service you’ll, hereinafter called the Service, respects the privacy rights of Users’ privacy.  This document indicates, what are the rules of collecting and utilizing information about the Users and includes the information concerning “cookies” used by the Service.  The Administrator of the Service of is the Administrator of personal data, that is You’ll sp. z o.o. (the address information in the section “Contact”).

Collecting information

Users of the Service are anonymous until the moment when they themselves decide to reveal their data and they will agree for processing and collecting them.  Administrator of the

Service deems the consent effective when it is given by the Users in a clear, written and specific way (including the electronic way).  Due to the structure of the Internet, at the servers of the Service, only those public IP addresses are saved, from which the Users browse contents on the Server.


Moreover, the entries on the servers of the Service may be subject to so-called logs including information:

  • Time of arrival of the request
  • Time of sending a response
  • Names of the workstation of the client – identification by http protocol
  • Information about errors which occurred during http transactions
  • URL address of the site previously visited by the User (referrer link) – and in the situation when the transition shall be by reference information
  • Information about the User’s browser.

The aforementioned information is not referred to the persons browsing the Service and the Administrator of the Service does not use profiling of the Users’ data.

Each User is entitled to view and correct his/her personal data in ICT systems of the Administrator.


 Using personal data

Data indicated in the part „collecting the data” are kept for an unlimited period of time as the auxiliary material for administering the Service.  The deadline term of keeping Users’ data is the date of expiry of the legal relationship, on the grounds of which the Administrator of the Service came into possession of the User’s personal data, increased by the period of the legal business of the Administrator in storing them.

Only the persons entitled to administer the Server who are qualified in the field of personal data protection, including RODO in particular, have access to the above-mentioned data. On the grounds of logs, the statistics constituting support in administration may be generated.  Summary notifications in the form of such statistics do not include features for the identification of the Service Users.

The administrator of the Service declares that is bound by the agreement of the User for using his personal data exclusively for the purpose defined in legal relationship binding the Service and the User. For extending the range of processing, agreement of the User shall be necessary, as indicated above.

Information on cookies

  1. Service uses cookies.
  2. The cookies form IT data, particularly in the form of text files which are stored on the terminal equipment of the User and are designed for using websites of the Service. Cookies usually include the name of the website from which they originate, duration of storage on the terminal equipment and the unique number.


  1. The administrator of the Service is the subject uploading Cookies on the terminal equipment of the User and getting access to them.


  1. Cookies are used in the following purposes:
  • producing statistics, which help to understand the way the Users go online what enables improvement of the structure and content;
  • defining the profile of the User to bring the relevant ads he/she sees in particular in the Google network.


  1. Within the service, there are applied two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored on the terminal equipment of the User until he leaves the website or switches off the browser.  Persistent cookies are stored in the terminal equipment of the User for the definite time in the parameters of cookies files or until they are removed by the User.


  1. The Internet browser usually allows saving cookies in the terminal equipment of the User by default. Users of the Service may change settings in this range. The Internet browser enables deleting the cookies.  It is also possible to block the cookies automatically.  Precise information about it is included in the aid module and documentation of the Internet browser.


  1. Restrictions in using cookies, imposed by the Users may have a negative influence on the correct functioning of the Service and sometimes they may even unable using its resources. Objection concerning further processing of personal data of the Users or withdrawing agreement for processing the data – to what the user is entitled at any time – shall prevent from using the resources of the Service.


  1. Service uses remarketing ads Google Ads, that is why cookies can be used for displaying ads relevant to the way in which the user accesses the Service. Due to it they may keep the information on the navigation path of the User or the time of staying on the given site.


  1. In the scope of information concerning the preferences of the User collected by the advertising network Google. The User may browse and edit information resulting from cookies by means of the tool:


  1. Google Analytics tool is installed on the server of the Service and it follows every movement of the Users on all the subsites by means of cookies. The information gained by using this tool is not shared with other subjects and they serve only for statistical purposes and for improving the usefulness of the website.


  1. We recommend to read privacy statements of the Google company in the scope of Google Analytics tool, to learn all the rules of using cookies that are utilized in statistics:

  1. Service uses also social cookies files – allowing the integration of the Service with the social services, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.



The Administrator of the data is you’ll sp. z o.o., str. Lęborska 3b, 80-386 Gdansk, Poland.

Contact with the Administrator is also possible under the address of electronic mail