Project Description


Widzicki Consulting helps executive boards and managers identify necessary changes and implement improvements effectively. Together with team members, it analyzes resources, relations, and communication to create a development and optimization strategy which is in line with a company’s objectives. Understanding the fast-paced environments and the strong competitiveness of enterprises, Widzicki Consulting applies an agile approach based on business analysis. The Firm specializes in strategic advisory for the IT and e-commerce industries.

For Widzicki Consulting, we created a logo that reflects its goals – growth and progress, as well as a passion for technology. While creating the letter “W” we captured not only the elegance and rhythm of the firm’s operations, but also its values – ambition and consistency.

The crucial part of our branding job was to design logomark and logotype (used interchangeably). Especially for the Firm, our experts developed a unique grotesque typeface.

We successfully applied them onto incredibly stylish business stationery, including folders, business cards, and letterhead templates, as well as into e-mail footer.

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