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RFID tool

Sesmatic is a brand of the Sescom listed company operating in the retail industry. The team working on the implementation of RFID technology combines experience in the clothing industry and startup spirit.

We linked the brand name to its parent company using the prefix “Ses.” This is how Sesmatic was born. We designed a logo and other materials using visual identification. We also provided a presentation and press releases. While working on a new visual identity, we focused on clarity and modernity. We created an inviting logo and a dynamic sigil, used as a watermark on all presentation slides. Minimalistic and modern icons make a harmonious pair with a navy blue background.

RFID and tags are becoming a popular solution in retail. Explaining how the RF marking and tracing system works may be challenging. They can help monitor the store stock, as well as understand the consumer’s choices. The service makes a huge impact on the arrangement of products in the showroom and supports its employees’ activities. How? Sesmatic explains it all in a presentation we helped to design.

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