Project Description


Cosmetics Brand

Innovative biotechnological solutions, i.e., science hand in hand with nature.

A new brand of cosmetics based on biotechnology (protective properties of chitosan) in the unique formula of ChitoVelum entered the market. Along with a marketing team, scientists and entrepreneurs have joined forces to share natural products with impressive results.

We have developed visual identification, a website presenting products and technologies, website mockups, and cosmetic product labels. The Chitone (company), Chitosan (cosmetics brand), and ChitoVelum (technology) logos were created.

The effects of cooperation are also graphic designs of logotypes that illustrate cosmetics technology’s properties – shielding, protective, and caring. Product labels have subdued, pastel colors that reflect the active ingredients’ ultra-gentle action and natural origin.

All realized graphic designs are the property of Chitone.

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