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Cosmetics Brand

Bonamour is a rejuvenating cosmetics brand from the United States. The biotechnology used in the set of care products is based on the action of stem cells.

How to stop time? We provided an answer in a 90-second promotional video. We based our story on authorities. Cosmetics developed on the 2012 Nobel Prize-winning research, proving that mature skin cells can be reprogrammed into pluripotent stem cells. The discovery of John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanak resulted in a breakthrough in cosmetology. The first preparations with active plant stem cells were developed.

We are part of nature, and nature has its ways of regenerating. Bonamour skincare products are developing anti-aging products focused on laboratory scientific research and the latest innovations in skincare. Here is our story about the product and its composition, which actions cannot be seen at a glance but can be experienced. A calm note, a delicate and gentle voice of the narrator, leads us through the story of a unique combination: nature (bio) and technology enclosed in a series of care products.

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