Digital age started in the 90s keeps influencing branding trends. Email campaigns, banners and pop-up ads still determine how we connect with the audience. But the change that has occurred in the audience’s attitude requires switching to greater awareness of your consumers. Tired of spam and pervasiveness, they have become more discerning. And here, authenticity and simplicity become a tangible value.

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” seems to fit in quite well with the branding trends of upcoming years. The audience appreciates unpretentious aesthetics and subtle messages. With a simplified approach

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, you can interact with customers on a more emotional and functional level.

Customers search for human and authentic brands. It means resignation from a distorted picture of a brand having perfect qualities. People got bored with ideal and shiny products. They prefer raw and organic ones. Therefore, authenticity is being bold enough to present your brand together with its reality-rooted imperfection.

Values that a brand stands for are another element that builds up authenticity. Being socially, environmentally, and even politically conscious creates your reputation. ‘Conscious’ refers to being actively responsible for the matter that your brand represents. Because you won’t make it if you fake it. Cheats never prosper.

Proving that you care is possible also through creating a personal connection with the customers. Personalization is doable provided that you understand your target audience. If you do, this customized experience transforms into loyalty.

Artificial intelligence takes personalized content to the next level. Tools based on machine learning already allow the right products to reach the right audience. Augmented reality creates an immersive, personal experience that connects customers with their real world. Both AI and AR open doors for brands to build their identity also through the newest technologies, which with time will surely become part of our everyday life.

All the above components constitute one general trend that is focusing on the message a brand brings and the emotion it triggers. Creating a meaningful experience makes your brand stand out and its statements – personal and engaging.

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