Creative content is the use of the power of words, persuasive communication.


Creativity, persuasion, and a good understanding of the reader’s needs are crucial for achieving the desired effect via verbal message. It can be an interest, brand image, or willingness to buy. How can you convey your intentions in a clear and short way? This is our task! Texts for website, blog, posts in new media, product descriptions in the online store, press release, and marketing slogans are essential in positioning your brand and convincing your customers. We will also proofread and improve any existing content so it conveys just the right message.

Texts creating and proofreading – from $70/h
Name / slogan (claim) – from 600$
Texts for the website – from $220
Press Release – from $220
An industry article sponsored based on the materials provided – from $260
Preparation of the newsletter text – from $170


The photoshoot scenario or minimum brief is the photographer’s starting point. Then the necessary arrangements, appropriate lens, light, and background. We believe that beautiful photos are created by photographers who love people and their work. We invite such people to our projects. Order us for image sessions, event reports, company photos, product packshots for online stores, fashion sessions. We will organize a make-up artist and suggest the scenery.

Ask for pricing.

Video Creation

The movie format is experiencing a real boom. Generation Z loves video content. More and more applications allow you to have fun as a content creator. If you care about professional video recording – order a script and video creation from us. We create videos presenting products, reportage films, and animations for social media. We provide transcripts and subtitles or dubbing in various languages.

Preparation of a movie spot script – from $1100


Podcasts can be compared to radio broadcasts, except you can be the host and the guest in one person. This is one of the most popular formats today. Podcasts easily allow you to publicize your own content through sound recordings. We need not only an idea but also the ability to communicate freely, a soundproofed room, and a good quality microphone. Plan content, schedule, and implement with us.

Development of a radio spot script (15 sec) – from $580
Development of a radio spot script (30 sec) – from $720


Webinars gained great popularity during the 2020 pandemic. Public education learned to organize them. The skill of live video broadcasting tools is not enough to build your business or present yourself professionally to your audience.You will learn from us how to technically and visually prepare a webinar and its content. If your customers are companies, they will appreciate the fact that they do not have to pay for your hotel and travel.

Webinars – from $320