Modern businesses and global corporations are getting more and more open to the new, emphatic leadership style. But only some of them. The rest still stick to the old, directive way of managing people, where creative thinking is replaced by ticking the next task off the list and multitasking kills the attention to details. The skilled ones, who want more than just keeping the high score, leave. Some abandon corporate comfort zone to become their own bosses. Is it worth it?

To answer this question, we should consider whether corporate comfort really means comfort and what it is. A decade ago, a free gym membership, private medical care and a salary above the average were satisfying. They almost constituted the definition of well-being. But not anymore. Employees want their work to be meaningful. They expect cooperation based on understanding and the actual development, not achieving performance goals only.

Bad mental and physical condition influences work efficiency, relations with the environment and overall quality of life. When the line between setting goals and micromanaging disappears, manipulation replaces constructive confrontation, and a lack of respect for another man is clouded by corporate correctness, many people decide to leave. But to do so, you need to be open to risk, intense work and be aware of your strengths.

Some of them start preparing for this new life by taking additional courses while still working as full-time employees. Others take advantage of working remotely to gain experience, take the first steps in running their own business, or develop their skills. It requires infinite dedication, patience, and understanding that success is not guaranteed anyway. Not every business will become a golden goose and not every talent can be recognized immediately. But an individual that wants to pursue his goals in terms of values, mission, and vision, takes a chance.

What can you gain then? People that are self-employed set their own working time and decide who they want to work with or how much they want to get for their services. But the most important is job satisfaction, the ability to implement your own ideas, to share value, and better money in the future. It also means freedom in decision making – enjoying the good choices, but also being responsible for those that become hard lessons. A full-time job offers security and peace of mind that are ensured by monthly salary transferred to your account, plus no responsibility for accounting, which translates eventually to comfort.

Therefore, it is crucial to live in harmony with yourself. There will always remain a group of individuals that most of all value stable employment, conformity, and simply like repetitive tasks. However, for those who will be hiring their own employees soon or are considering retraining, we recommend an article on how to become an attractive candidate for value-oriented companies. Click

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