Marketing moves
at the speed of light.

It evokes changes
each change is for the better...

Joanna Staniszewska


How can we better connect the world?

Family Trainer Adriana Kwiatkowska

Do form and color have a therapeutic influence?

BN Consulting

Eye to eye with the change.

Pucki Plac

The new aspect of folk design.


In the centre of Kashubia, you will find tranquility.


RFID and tag technology – how well will they work in retail?


As clear as 2 + 2.


How to stop time?


Scan the reality and create a virtual encyclopedia of the world.

We go beyond status quo.

We know things can be done differently.

At You'll we adopt a comprehensive approach for every project. We allow our clients
to choose tools for their brand development.

Let’s rediscover your brand from a more holistic perspective. Let’s develop a genuine communication that will make your business grow.

You are not only a client
– you are our partner

Together, we will look into the best solution for you. We will listen to your needs and you will trust our experience.

Trigger the desired emotions with the image. Give your brand a visual look

Creating visual concepts, branding, printed and visual and online materials. Caring for consistency, creative and quality building image of the brands. Matching graphic communication to its purpose, groups of recipients, brand strategy, budget and technical possibilities of printing or display. Taking care of the functionality of the message.
Creative content is the use of the power of words, persuasive communication

Development of the verbal content: product names, company brands, company names, creative descriptions, slogans, advertising slogans, product and packaging descriptions, keywords. Writing content for: presentations, offline and online ads, articles and guides, blogs, websites. PR and social media communication.
From the landing page, through your company’s website to advanced e-commerce platforms

Designing functional UX (user experience) mockups, graphic layouts UI (user interface), verbal content, implementation of IT functionalities, including forms, maps, databases, stores, interactive functions, customer login zones, etc. Creating responsive websites, optimised for search engines and their updates.
Building lasting relationships through communication channels from scratch in the new media. Engaging posts and likes are not enough …

Developing a strategy, schedules, post plans, organisation of verbal and visual content in social media. Setting profiles and advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook and in other social media channels, remarketing, affiliate programs, influencer marketing, moderating the community, e-commerce optimization, newsletters and mailing.
Outsourcing marketing and PR tasks pays off and can bring a lot of satisfaction

The external marketing department teamed up and composed of a team with necessary brand competences - beginning with the brand manager through the executive team: copywriting, graphic design, PR services. Long term and complex services of internal and external communication, employer branding and rebranding. All activities are performed in Polish and in English.
Learn the effectiveness of communication and discover its potentials

PR and marketing effectiveness tests. Analysis of verbal and visual content, persistence, usefulness and efficiency of communication media. Test of technical and sales adjustment to current market requirements. Recommendations of changes in terms of search engines, targeting groups and settings for users'users behavior.
Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of others, share your challenges so together we can find a suitable solution

Support of management boards, managers and teams in effective and creative communication. Building and implementing programs and platforms of internal and external communication. Marketing and PR consulting. Media trainings, personal and employer branding. HR (human resources) trainings, PR (public relation), CSR (corporate social responsibility), cultural diversity, leadership, corporate culture, new media. All trainings are available in English.

Meet our advisory brand!

Are you considering to expand into East-Central Europe markets?

Let's plan the journey of your brand.
Let's set off together.

Meet our team

Joanna Staniszewska

Marketing advisor

She specialises in brand location, running cross cultural projects as well as internal communication and employment branding.

Miłosz Bugajski

Social media coordinator

He is building brand awareness on social media. He is passionate about digital marketing in particular Google and Facebook Ads campaigns

Andrzej Chmielecki


He is an economic advisor in the fields of organisation and management, administration and compliance. Interim manager and GDPR expert. Andrzej is also a business ethicist.

Liwia Delińska

Marketing strategist

She is an author of marketing strategies and tactical plans. She is passionate about online communication. Liwia is Ph.D. student in marketing.

Natalia Gwiaździńska

Marketing and administration assistant

Supports the team in marketing and administrative projects. She takes care of good relations with customers and business partners.

Adam Kuźma

UX/UI specialist

He is a creator of functional and creative designs as well as mockups for websites, shops and online services.

Oskar Mieczkowski

Senior copywriter

Responsible for creating ideas, slogans, and names, as well as writing for outdoor, press, radio, TV, and web advertising.

Kinga Tomaszewska

Graphic designer

She takes care of the image of brands in graphic communication and has excellent relations with printing houses. She is fluent in video cameras (video formats).

Wojciech Treder

Web developer

He is frontend and backend specialists. He designs and optimises IT and hardware solutions.

Stanisław Ossowski

Graphic designer

He creates new concepts of visual communication. Staś is an author of visual identifications, print and online materials.

Ireneusz Żeromski

Brand manager

He takes care of brand development, looks after cooperation with clients and efficient project coordination as well as projects’ quality and timeliness.

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