I have recently done a short review of publications available on the Internet, related to a topic I’m currently interested in. I found several articles. I briefly scanned the first one. I gave the second one a cursory look. The only thing that caught my attention in the third text were the headings. As for the fourth one, well, I read three thirds of it. Nothing to be proud of? Not really, I assure you.

The Internet users don’t read texts they find on websites. It’s not a joke. It’s a fact. I don’t mean they ignore them altogether and focus on the graphics. They do notice text, but instead of reading it cover to cover, they sort of scan it with their eyes in search of information they are interested in. They omit fragments that are irrelevant, at least in their opinion.  That is a phenomenon Steve Krug mentions in the latest re-edition of his “Don’t make me think” bestseller.

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