Another edition of free workshops for enterprising women is launched!

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, at Olivia Sky Club in Olivia Business Center in Gdansk and August 5, 2017, at Google Campus Warsaw there will be organized all-day free workshops for female entrepreneurs led by the Swiss Trestle Group Foundation.

Workshops are aimed at enterprising women who have their own company or are trying to set up their own business. The training will be conducted in English.

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Recruitment – Graphic Designer

Do you create graphics, are you familiar with marketing, social media, communication, promotion? Are values, quality and relationships important to you? Are you engaged in what you do and do it with passion? Check why you should join the team marketing agency You’ll.




In You’ll we already feel the approaching spring, and on this occasion we have prepared for you PRE-SPRING PROMOTION! Time to dust off your Facebook profile!


You can update your profile information, create content and prepare graphics for posts with us – we will post them on the profile, animate the community (up to 1 thousand fans). In addition, we will plan and set the optimum budget for your advertising campaign account.

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How to create and maintain a good reputation of the company? What to do to exist in the media? How to increase awareness and strengthen the brand’s position in the market? And thus attract new customers?

Join the workshops on Public Relations and learn how to build relationships with the surrounding and to shape the image of the company through the media.

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When is employer branding so efficient that it is unnecessary?

Time has come to redefine success. Time to share success. And if there is no success yet, then to build it together. Let’s stop playing positional business games on “attack-defense” or “winner-loser” terms. Let’s see us in others, and let them grow.

“Knock, knock, here I am” – by A. Disruption

A high demand for employees in comparison to their availability results in that they dictate the work conditions. After yet another unsuccessful recruitment, and with the awareness that the times to come won’t be favorable for companies with an unclear employer brand, companies search for solutions in terms of acquiring and keeping employees, which they have not used of up to this point. This often requires the employers to reach for additional encouragements and tools, in order to positively distinguish themselves and the offer of the company, from others. Having options, an employee chooses the one which does not only meet his or her basic needs, but also provides additional benefits such as prestige or the promise of a good work atmosphere, professional management, healthy and good relations, working on projects which have a deeper meaning and change the world for the better. For generation Y the latter reasons are, statistically speaking, more important than for older generations. Not all of these choices are conscious. Many base on emotions.

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Joanna Staniszewska in case study of Trestle Group Foundation

You’ll team has a special reason to be proud – Swiss Trestle Group Foundation published a case study in English about Joanna Staniszewska. Last year, she took part in the mentoring program, addressed to enterprising women running their businesses in developing countries.

The program “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies” is run by the Foundation Trestle and partnering with Cognizant and Credit Suisse. Women participating in it can count on the support of an international team of mentors who are passing to them their experience, the tools and advices.

During the program and guidance of an international team of mentors, she learned how to transform from the role of a project manager to the role of an entrepreneur and business owner.

Text in PDF format can be downloaded here from the Trestle Group Foundation.

You’ll is now a registered trademark in European Union!

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a firm without a brand name, visual identity and many other elements, through which differentiates itself from the competition. Building a brand identity is a long process, but it can be somewhat reduced by investing in the registration of its logo.


According to the Act it’s any graphic sign which allows to distinguish from the others. Trademark in this perspective may be a word, drawing, ornament, color composition, spatial form, the shape of goods or their packaging, as well as melodies or other acoustic signals (ie. jingle).

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