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We are experts in creating brand identity. We promote, position and communicate brand values.

The mission of our team is to support customers in development by linking business objectives with values.

Take advantage of our decades of experience gained while working for companies from different industries. Ask us about the opinion and advice on how to conduct effective marketing activities. Let us communicate and manage your brand. We localize global brands on the Polish market. We help Polish brands to conquer global markets. Let our passion to the new media, modern means of communication work for you. 85% of our clients reach us from the referrals.


  • Girls go start-up Academy training


    For YOU’LL every day is an opportunity to broaden the horizons! Our CEO Joanna Staniszewska together with Kasia Walczyk and Katarzyna Piasecki (ENNBOW) acted as a member of the jury at the training session Girls go start-up Academy.


  • On-line course to support entrepreneurship


    The Success Written Foundation with Lipstick decided to create an on-line course to support entrepreneurship among young people. For this reason, our COO Maksymilian Murawski has recorded 5 films in which he talks about how to set up a company, where to get ideas, and how to run your own business. We will see the first episode soon!


  • Sztuka Mody – Szkoła Wiosenna Workshops


    Fashion is one of the industries in which we have experience. Our CEO Joanna Staniszewska will talk about the future of retail on this Friday during the coming Creative Workshops “Sztuka Mody – Szkoła Wiosenna”.  https://lnkd.in/eUQkxHU

  • Czas na Warmię i Mazury. Czas na Olsztyn Conference


    On 17th April, we had the pleasure to help in organizing the conference “Czas na Warmię i Mazury. Czas na Olsztyn”, which took place at the Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Center in Warsaw. The meeting was hosted by our CEO Joanna Staniszewska.

  • Interview by Północna.tv


    Our CEO Joanna Staniszewska talked about international brand promotion and financial support as part of the Go to Brand project at Północna.tv. https://bit.ly/2zsqSDY

  • Motivational training for the women's part of Spartez


    Would the world be better if people thought more like women?  On the occasion of the Women’s Day, our CEO Joanna Staniszewska led a motivational training for the women’s part of Spartez.

  • Academy of Fine Arts


    Joanna Staniszewska is ready for upcoming fashion project in Academy of Fine Arts at the meeting in Gdansk. Photo: T. Kwiatkowski  http://bit.ly/2BWJ0FM

  • The inauguration of Girls Go Start-up Academy


    Our CEO Joanna Staniszewska attended the inaugural meeting of Girls Go Start-up Academy in Google in Warsaw on 7th December. It’s extremely inspiring to be in such a wonderful group that is full of energy! http://bit.ly/2iQ2CQS

  • Venture Day


    Joanna Staniszewska joined Venture Day on 16th November in Energa Gdańsk Stadium.

  • Girls Go Start-up! Academy


    Congratulations to our CEO Joanna Staniszewska as a mentor of Girls Go Start-up! Academy.

  • Conference In Olivia Business Center


    All three brands – You’ll – marketing + branding, Brand Me Good and EFFENEX Advisory presented among international group of participants during the 3camp.pl event as well as the day-long ICT Day conference at the Olivia Sky Club on 29th September.

  • NPC Conference


    Joanna Staniszewska conducted the workshop about communication challenges, internal motivation, mission and meaning, during National Contact Point for EU Research Programs (NCP) conference in Krakow.

  • Conference In Krakow


    Joanna Staniszewska attended the conference related to intellectual property and development of startups, organized by Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in Krakow on 7th September. http://bit.ly/2zxnpCp

  • Maksymilian


     Welcome Maks to our team ! http://bit.ly/2zdxYID

  • Lean In Poland Session


    As Co-Founder and advisor of EFFENEX, Joanna Staniszewska met with other EFFENEX advisors  Dagmara Łuczka and Nazeen Koonda-Masood on Lean In Poland session in Villa AntoninA Sopot.

  • Accelerating & Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Poland


    On 5th August, at Google Campus in Warsaw there took place all-day free workshops for female entrepreneurs led by the Trestle Group Foundation and organized by Youll.

  • Training For GFKM


    On 2nd August, Joanna Staniszewska conducted the whole day training about HR recruitment selection for GFKM Gdańska Fundacja Kształcenia Menedżerów. http://bit.ly/2sEVoF5

  • Accelerating & Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Poland


    On 29th July, at Olivia Sky Club in Olivia Business Center in Gdansk there was organized all-day free workshops for female entrepreneurs led by the Trestle Group Foundation.

  • GDD2017 Exhibition


    Joanna Staniszewska is going to conduct the workshop about “Create and Sell: Do It Yourself Marketing – Effective sales in the creative industry” on 5th July during GDD2017 exhibitions. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2uhvkh5

  • Enlightened Organisations


    Joanna Staniszewska made a presentation for MBA alumni on enlightened organisations-modern forms of management and trends in organizational development on 22nd June. http://bit.ly/2sEVoF5

  • ABC Marketing event


    Joanna Staniszewska was invited as a guest speaker in the ABC Marketing event. During the meeting, she talked about what should be taken care of by companies step by step to make marketing business more efficient and easier to handle. How to consciously operate in the market. How to create a product / service, calculate the price, be available to customers, plan an effective promotion.

  • Chinese Communication


    Are you interested in putting your products in Chinese market? We’re happy to announce that now we can also do Chinese communication. Check out the Chinese offer here: http://bit.ly/2prw0xF

  • Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2017


    Joanna Staniszewska attended Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2017 and gave a lecture ” Universal Means of Communication ” in Austria on 15th of May. Her article was also published by University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. http://bit.ly/2rQNEjN

  • New Trends Conference


    Joanna Staniszewska will have an opportunity to see the cooperation from a different, more human angle in New Trends Conference on project management in 24th – 25th April.

  • Radio Gdańsk Audition


    “People and Money” audition experts commented on the newest statistics on unemployment in Poland and Europe in Radio Gdańsk. The audition’s guest was Joanna Staniszewska – You’ll CEO. http://bit.ly/2o8ab9u

  • Pomerania Employers


    Are you a member of Pracodawcy Pomorza? We have 20% discounts on selected services for you.

  • Print Designs for Pediatric Surgery


    New posters and flyers for Skaner for Pediatric Surgery in Gdynia from You’ll.

  • Partnership with TrojQA


    We are long time partners with TrojQA – Trójmiejska Społeczność Testerska. Testing is a part of retaining quality and improvement process. “Partner” is our second name :).

  • Lecture in University of Gdańsk


    March 2nd in Thursday, Joanna Staniszewska will lecture about organizations of future. We welcome everyone interested to Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk at 9:45am.

  • Career Planning Workshops


    We support women in business market. Participate in a series of workshops and meeting, which will be held in Information and Career Planning Center in Gdańsk. Among the experts dedicated to women we will introduce Joanna Staniszewska. Welcome everyone.

  • Employer branding - article


    Employer branding is building the image of the employer. When is it so effective that it’s unnecessary? Read Joanna Staniszewska’s article and find out more about it. [PL] http://bit.ly/2jaVTU5

  • Observatory’s brand success


    Joanna Staniszewska was talking about the observatory’s brand success during a seminar „Pomeranian Observatory of the Labor Market” in the Marshal’s Office of Pomeranian Voivodeship.

  • About technology in Radio Gdańsk


    Soon, we will be using an ID card on our smartphones. What do the experts think about it? Joanna Staniszewska was Iwona Wysocki’s guest in “People and money” audition in Radio Gdańsk.

  • Geek Girls Carrots


    Does the world need a women leadership? Joanna Staniszewska discussed this issue during a Geek Girls Carrots meeting.

  • Mother presents


    Did you hear about “Mother presents”? It’s a social campaign targeted to Eastern European truck drivers, helping them in adjusting to the Norwegian traffic regulations and conditions. This action is supported by You’ll!

  • Lady Business Club


    Joanna Staniszewska will be talking about the rules of an effective communication during the meeting “PR is for you – this meeting is going to change your life”.

  • Effective Trade Fairs


    The essence of professional fairs are good experts – read the statement by Joanna Staniszewska for Gazeta Finansowa (electronic edition can be downloaded in the following link: below goo.gl/jMfVjL)

  • Your Brand On Social Media


    We are organizing workshops “Your Brand On Social Media”. You can find more details here (Polish): http://bit.ly/2cxPpus

  • Pracodawcy Pomorza


    We are a member of Pracodawcy Pomorza :)

  • Looking for a Graphic Designer!


    We are looking for a graphic designer! More info: https://lnkd.in/dMN6j-y (PL)

  • You'll Trademark


    You’ll is now officially a registered trademark in European Union. Another step forward :)

  • We are on SnapChat


    We love new technologies, so from now on you can find us on Snapchat. Follow our snaps :)

  • CaseStudy


    Swiss Trestle Group Foundation published a case study (in English) that also regards our enterpreneur with a high potential – Joanna Staniszewska and You’ll Agency. You can find it here tutaj.

  • Radio


    This is the second time when Joanna Staniszewska took part in Iwona Wysocka’s radio show „Ludzie i pieniądze” (People and Money) in Radio Gdańsk. You can find the whole broadcast on: tiny.pl/grxm5.

  • Outdoor


    Joanna Staniszewska, at the invitation of the one of the biggest outdoor advertising companies, delivered a presentation about dynamics and prospects for development of media market and correlation between media and outdoor communication channels. Sharing the knowledge is a part of our job.

  • Szkolenie


    Designing, writing, advertising, carrying out campaigns – this is our everyday work. Beside that, we love to share our knowledge and organize events. In March we conducted a training for one of our clients. It was a fantastic experience :)

  • FuckUpNights


    FuckUp Nights are regular meetings when entrepreneuts are talking about mistakes they made during their proffesional activity and how they managed with them. Joanna Staniszewska was a guest during events in Warsaw and Gdynia and gave a speech about turning points for you’ll agency.

  • Konferencja


    Joanna Staniszewska was a guest at the conference 12 Kroków do Sukcesu (12 Steps to Succes) led by Twoja Inicjatywa (Your Initiative) foundation. She gave a speech about how to manage your company’s PR at meetings in Gdansk, Wroclaw and Cracow.

  • Bartek


    Bartek is with us since 2014. Meanwhile he got promoted from Intern to Project Coordinator. He is still studying at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. He likes reading, writing, playing guitar and singing. He is taking part in singer-songwriting festivals, whenever he can.

  • Weronika


    Weronika is our new Project Coordinator. She graduated in philosophy and did her postgraduate study in advertising and marketing. She is a huge fan of art and her latest passion is typography. Welcome to the team!

  • Ltd.


    Due to constant growth of the company we’re making important decisions that allow us to move forward. We would like to announce that you’ll changed the legal form and is now a limited liability company :)

  • NF.PL


    What is the clue to excellent B2B relations? We recommend an interesting article by Joanna Staniszewska published at Nowoczesna Firma (Modern Company): http://bit.ly/1XdTU9V. You can also find it on our blog.

  • Wokshops


    On Saturday, 7 Nov. 2015, at Business Link Trójmiasto you can attend one-day, free workshops organized by Swiss Trestle Group Foundation. The training is dedicated to businesswomen, who run their firms from 1-3 years. The whole event is in English. You can register on Evenea: www.womenentrepreneurs.evenea.pl Join us!

  • Carrots


    Joanna Staniszewska was one of the speakers at 30th Geek Girls Carrots meeting. She talked about the renaissance of pictographic writing and symbolics as well as visual communication in the era of electronic media and globalization. Some useful materials can be found here: http://bitly.pl/z76TF

  • TVP


    Lately, media dropped by to our agency! Joanna Staniszewska was speaking on TVP about new campaign for Health Department. You can find the material here: http://bitly.pl/87pSS

  • Conference


    On 19th of October a conference about „Healthy nutrition of children and youth in Pomerania” took place. Our task, as a partner, was to create visual design for the event incl. logo and posters. For more details – check the facebook fanpage: http://bitly.pl/FPLVs

  • Stars


    Joanna Staniszewska is this year’s graduate of a prestigious Swiss program The Stars. She was the only person from Poland among 80 other members of September’s symposium in Stein am Rhein. The Stars gathers leaders of future generation. We’re so proud!


  • NF.pl


    Nowoczesna Firma (Modern Company) published on their website a new article written by Joanna Staniszewska containing some practical tips on managing brand image. You can read it here:



    At the end of summer, a wonderful new initiative has started and we’re happy to back it! The Project „Na start”(Start/Off) assists young people from the Children’s Homes that are in a process of becoming independent thanks to sport activities, contacting various businesses or using individual mentors’ help. Check if you can help, too! http://bitly.pl/40L1h

  • Ekspertki.org


    Eskpertki.org is a nationwide database for professional women from various disciplines. The project was created to support women’s presence in public debate.

    Feel free to visit our website and join the group of female experts.

  • Photo


    At the end of July, You’ll took part in a professional photo shoot! Pictures taken by Karol Bannach can be seen on our website and social media.

    We had a great fun!

  • Natalia


    Natalia jest początkującą graficzką komputerową i copywriterką. Posiada doświadczenie w sprzedaży i koordynowaniu projektów marketingowych. Z wykształcenia dziennikarka, w ramach hobby pisze teksty i tworzy grafiki dla portali internetowych. Uwielbia się uczyć i robić wiele rzeczy na raz. Dołączyła do naszego zespołu jako stażystka.

  • ASIA


    In April Asia Hajduczenia joined our team. Who is Asia? Very briefly – she is Project Manager and Joanna’s right-hand person. It is her you will contact when you call at 506 073 513 or write an email at marketing@youll.pl Asia is responsible for project coordination and helps improve communication in the team.

    Asia, welcome to You’ll! :)

  • Intern


    Are you interested in project coordination and like working with people? Are you keen on marketing, social media and communication? We are looking for a responsible person, having a positive and creative attitude to challenges, open to people and eager to learn. You can apply until 15 June, 2015.

    Details: http://youll.be/staz-koordynator/

  • Intern


    Are you interested in graphic design, responsible, having a head full of ideas and want to gain experience working for Polish and international clients? We have something for you! Join the team as our Graphic Design Intern. You can apply until 15 June, 2015.

    Details: http://youll.be/rekrutacja-na-staz-grafik/

  • NF.PL


    We recommend an interesting article by Joanna Staniszewska published at Nowoczesna Firma (nf.pl). How to get great employees when you are a micro-entrepreneur? How to be an attractive employer? http://bit.ly/1FfQI8L

  • BVBcup


    The Beach Volleyball Business Cup is a tournament aimed at local and national business’s. It will take place in Sopot, on the beach by the Pier, on 27th and 28th June. Sumbit your application if you want to join: https://lnkd.in/dHzpRsU We support this initiative ;)

  • Finals!


    We’re inviting you to a 10 Minute Festival Finals, March 29, 2015 (Sunday, 5PM) at Pomorska Fundacja Filmowa in Gdynia. Admission is free!

  • An Interview!


    An interview with Joanna Staniszewska – marketing guru and founder of You’ll Agency. A huge makering knowledge base to share. Thank you all for nice reception and we enourage you to read on more at:


  • Auto Presentation!


    We’re inviting for branding wordshops, where we share our knowledge on how to present and promote your brand. You will learn how to create a brief story about you and your business, focusing on your strengths. We expose “hidden” rules, which gudes our decision making. Presented by Joanna Staniszewska together with Michal Turek from Radio Gdansk.

  • An Interview!


    Tomorrow morning (January 15th, 2015) – big annoucement at Radio Plus!

    Morning audition with Michal Turek guest – Joanna Staniszewska. Guess, what’s on… :)

  • Review!


    January 17th, 2015 Instytut Spraw Wszelakich in Sopocie

    Best films showcase of 1st and 2nd edition of 10 Minut Festival.

    Live though it again. Best moments, emotions that touched eveyone. Meet previous winners before we greet new ones!

  • Training!


    Due to huge interest and enourmous positive feedback we decided to do it again! Startup Training with Joanna Staniszewska!

    We’re inviting everyone January 12, 2015 5PM at AIP Politechnika Gdanska, ul. Studzienki 32

    more info at http://on.fb.me/1Bp5hSO



We love new technologies and we know much about them.



Social responsibility and care about the environment are crucial for us.



International project are exciting part of our everyday work.



We do our best to create friendly atmosphere for our clients and ourselves.



We think out of the box. You may say it is not an original statement, but it’s true – we like what we do. Working with us you will see that in our case the statement gets a very special meaning.

Joanna Staniszewska

CEO, Senior Marketing Advisor

Maksymilian Murawski

COO, Marketing Advisor

Liwia Delińska

Analyst, Community Manager

Marcin Kulig


Ewa Piórko


Adam Kuzma

Web Designer

Yating Wang



Yes indeed! We cooperate with skilled programmers, webdevelopers, community managers and fundraising specialists.

“It’s happiness that should be the measure of success. Not money. It’s happiness that makes us richer”.

– Joanna Staniszewska –





We listen carefully what you want to tell us. We analyse your needs. On the basis of that research we plan the best actions for you.



We launch the plan we have developed. We base our actions on effective and proven methods. We get what you really need. 



We evaluate the results of our actions. You can be sure you will notice measurable benefits for your brand at once.


As part of our cooperation we offer knowledge, experience and substantial advantages to your brand.


Are you wondering how to do marketing for your brand? Are you not sure the direction you have chosen is the right one? Would you like someone to help you set that direction? You need an experienced marketer! We will invite you to a consultation meeting during which we will verify your needs and actions you have taken so far. We will plan the next steps that will be part of a complex marketing strategy – the best strategy for you.



Would you like your brand communication to be regular and consequent? Do you need to be sure you communicate your message to the proper target group? You are absolutely right! Only then your communication activity will be effective. We will devise a communication plan for you and see to its successful execution. We will be in charge of your social media profiles and will ensure your regular presence in the media.



How to make the potential customer remember who you are and what you do thanks to graphic design? And then call you to ask you about a meeting? Turn to us! There is one condition – it must be a good project. Work with our designers creating for the Internet and for printing. We design logos and business stationery, websites, advertising materials, visualize communication in social media, and we produce many other graphic forms. We use the language of the image to show the value of your brand.



Would you like to promote your brand but you don’t want to employ a marketing team? You don’t have to. Let us do your marketing for you. You will get access to skilled specialists – strategy experts, graphic designers, copywriters, webdevelopers and others – without having to employ them in your office. An external team of specialists will do the best marketing and will prepare marketing communication for you.


Do you know that the success of your brand depends on its positive image? Do you know that it is not only the image of your company, your product or a service you offer but it is also your own image that matters. Get professional help to create a positive image of your brand in your customers’ minds. We are experts in both personal and employer branding so we will advise you on what actions to take to be consistent in building your brand awareness and to achieve your goals.


Need for knowledge? Ask those who teach what they have learned through their own work. You can have the confidence that the theory is practicaly experienced. Our coach is Joanna Staniszewska, practice marketing expert, university lecturer, mentor. We organize training according to the original, author’s program, individual and collective. In our office, at a customer’s or at any other convenient location. We train marketing, public relations, sales, presentation skills, public speaking and image creation. The knowledge that you will get from us will stay with you for long.


Are you looking for someone who will create you a professional script for a radio spot or build a responsive website? Do you need a logo or a business card? Would you like to discover the secrets of Facebook promoting on our coaching sessions? Do you wonder how much everything we offer costs? On our pricing page, you will find the descriptions of our services along with their prices. If you won’t find answers to your questions here, you are welcomed to contact us.


Graphic Design

Logo, letterhead, business card, folder, print materials…


The slogan, press release, article, text for a website…

Photo & Video

Photography, reporting, product, branding, and other sessions…

Consultation & Coaching

Marketing consultation, coaching, insight, audit, marketing plan…

Promotional Materials

Gifts, exhibitions, gadgets, sales supporting products…

Online Activities

Social media, websites, e-commerce…

Traditional Media

Creating a database of journalists, press releases…


Scripts and event organization…

See More Details


Are our former and present customers satisfied with our service? Yes, they are!
Are the partners we ran projects with happy about the cooperation? Yes, they are!
The following companies have already used our services or decided to cooperate with us on several projects. Now they recommend us as great partners and service providers.


Join our marketing and consulting team – You’ll!

Do you know the term “pearl hunting”? Our search for new people willing to join our team can be compared to it. We are constantly looking for talented, honest, responsible and punctual partners, contractors and trainees. Become our pearl and we will provide you with a cosy shell to develop your skills in. Since 14 August, 2012 our team has been growing. We are searching for people and companies who don’t stop asking themselves the question ”Why?”. For who it is important what projects they work on. We are waiting for ethical people who highly value the organisational culture and the atmosphere of a small company as well as the role passion plays in their lives. If you want to work in a company that supports your development, inspires you and gives you fun – send us your application. We are waiting for your CV. Please send us also your answers to the following questions: “What motivates you?” and “What, in your opinion, are the characteristics of an ideal employer?” Please write max. 500 characters with spaces altogether. Got a portfolio? Attach files to your message or provide us with a link to it.

Contact: rekrutacja@youll.pl


  • City Pro Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. - Project City Meble

    City Pro Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. - Project City Meble,

    "You’ll Team has demonstrated a great commitment, creativity and reliability in the project implemetation. High quality of service, openness and understanding of our needs led to a fruitful cooperation. It fully deserves a recommendation as a professional and trusted partner."

  • Magdalena Rudzińska, client

    Magdalena Rudzińska, client,

    "5 stars – professional support in PR activities and wide scoped marketing, especially in new media field. For me — really valuable collaboration :)"

  • Radek Kotulski, client

    Radek Kotulski, client,

    "I recommend her for stable, good collaboration. Good knowledge, engagement and ideas."

  • Dominika Wakuła, associate

    Dominika Wakuła, associate,

    "Great know-how, amazing creativity and contagious energy – strongly recommended!"

  • Marek Surma, associate

    Marek Surma, associate,

    "Dynamic person, really focused on the task and on solving problems, not on problem only. Fully professional."

  • Agnieszka Kasprzyk - Mączyńska, client

    Agnieszka Kasprzyk - Mączyńska, client,

    "As Joanna’s client, I felt like she surrounds me with her professionalism and a human face of the marketing at the same time. She combines the efficiency and cooperation with pleasure. Whole-heartedly I recommend her."

  • Jarosław Wróblewski, associate

    Jarosław Wróblewski, associate,

    "Joanna is in my opinion confident person, determined, perfect in activities, which are assigned for her. Really mandatory and determined in projects and in developing assigned brands on market. Fluently moves in media and perfectly plans strategies their use for brand development."

  • Anna Jankowska, associate

    Anna Jankowska, associate,

    "When I think about Joanna Staniszewska, in my head there are three things: 1. Professionalism, 2. Passion, 3. Respect. These 3 words contain everything important! Always helpful, happy and good in finding yourself!"

  • Mariusz Zarzycki, associate

    Mariusz Zarzycki, associate,

    "With pleassure i recommend Joanna Staniszewska, as a person who is presenting high skills in wide range marketing."

  • Monika Szcześniak, client

    Monika Szcześniak, client,

    "We really appriciate cooperation with You’ll. Panią Joanna is not only fully professional, but also patient, which we were often testing."

  • Tomasz Susko, associate

    Tomasz Susko, associate,

    "Joanna within cooperation showed full professionalism and awesome marketing instinct. Her activities were based on deep topic analysis with little bit of creative ideas."


you’ll Sp. z o.o.

email: marketing@youll.pl

phone: +48 506 073 513

address: ul. Żeleńskiego 50a/2, 80-285 Gdańsk, Poland

Due to often visits at clients’ headquarters
we kindly ask to arrange a meeting by phone.

We are a member of “Employers of Pomerania” Association.


you’ll sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] entered into the Business Register maintained by the District Court for Gdańsk-Północ (Gdansk-North) in Gdańsk, 8th Department of the National Court Register (KRS), under no. KRS 0000587456, NIP (Tax Identification Number) 5851472569, REGON (National Business Registry Number) 363039943. Share capital amounting to PLN 5,000.00, paid in full.